Y Ddraig are a Viking Re-enactment group, focused primarily on combat. We train in single (one on one) combat, and in rank and file combat such as the ferocious Viking shield wall for large re-enactment group fights.

The group have weekly training sessions (and post-training pub meetings) in Hanley on most Monday evenings, at the Waterloo St Scout Hall, Hanley (opposite the Rising Sun pub).

When is Combat Training?

Combat Training starts at Mondays 8pm and runs until 10pm, with a swift pint afterwards, over the road (optional).

Monday evening sessions are mostly combat training (although occasionally some members prefer to bring crafts to work on). Combat training ranges from beginner’s sessions in basic combat safety, up to advanced combat sessions in typical Viking shieldwall combat and drill to single-combat duelling for our monthly, highly-competitive, combat competition.

What Equipment do I need ?

No equipment is required for a beginner, we can provide it all to start with. We fight with safe ‘blunt’ versions of the real Viking historical weaponry, so metal swords, axes, spears, etc. Our training will teach you all you need to be a safe warrior and have a great time in ‘mortal’ hand-to- hand combat.

All our training conforms to the wider national training schemes of the Vikings re-enactment society, so when you take to the battlefield you know everybody there is working from the same rulebook and to the same safety standards. Bumps and bruises are to be expected, anything worse is very rare.

Combat Training is a physical activity and requires training and practice (hence weekly training). Members are expected to keep ‘in training’ to some degree, to maintain their combat safety, but attendance at every training session is not mandatory.

Please note, members must be 18+ to take part in battles, but can begin their training from age 17, ready for the battles to come.

Training sessions cost £2 per member, payable on the night, for the hire of the hall.

First session is free.

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