Y Ddraig are always on the lookout for new recruits, enthusiastic, adventurous members willing to join us on summer weekends at castles and events around the country, for small skirmishes, pitched battles and living history displays.

Prospective new members are welcome to come down to Monday evening training and try it out, the first session is free. We’d advise giving it a few weeks to get rolling and start to pick-up the basics. Like any martial art, it requires time and effort to get really good with a sword or axe.

Whilst Y Ddraig are interested in all aspects of Viking-life, we are principally a combat group. But those with other interests, such as craftsmen, are also welcome. We are happy to provide kit for new members to start with, but on joining we’d expect beginner to gather some basic kit of their own, within the first year. This would include such items as basic Viking clothing, footwear and a starting warrior’s weapon (usually a hand axe or short spear) and your vital, life-preserving, shield. We will give guidance on how to make, or where to get, these items. They are not overly expensive.

If you are interested in living a little bit of the Viking world, or becoming a Viking warrior and earning a place in Valhalla, please contact Y Ddraig through the group’s Jarl, via email.
warwickkinrade@hotmail.com or filling out the contact form.

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You can find useful resources to collecting your kit here.

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