Recently, the Y Draig has had the honour if yet again attending the Draycott Village Fayre. Held at a location very local to us, where we were able to interact with the locals, enjoy the many great attractions on offer and, of course, put on a great show!

As always, we have put on a large living history display, a few combat displays and even had participated in a tug-of-war against the folk at the fayre. As ever, there was also the chance for the children to learn the Viking arts of war and face the fearsome Vikings face-to-face, to show them that this village will not be pillaged so easily.

We love attending this little local show and have done so on several occasions now- a small, local show is sometimes just what a group needs! We could relax a little, have a cheeky bit if ice-cream or a ride on a tractor, enjoy the festivities and attractions on offer- including a dog show, classic car display, snake and reptile display and many others.

On our part, we presented Viking combat displays, both as clashing shieldwalls and as individual duels, gave out a lot of information about Viking combat and gave a little talk and introduction to Viking arts of war.

There was also music, dice games, open fire and food-making, a display of Dark-Age everyday items, and plenty to look at at our little Viking Camp. We sincerely hope we were able to educate, entertain and impart some of our passion and knowledge on the participants on the show. As ever, we are looking forward to taking part again in the future- we love doing shows locally and it gives us great opportunity to gain local interest and recruit potential new members to our growing group.

Does the life of a Viking or a Saxon sound interesting? Ever wanted to try your hand at swordfighting, woodworking, traditional instruments or crafts? Why not get in touch and see what a fantastic hobby re-enactments really is. In the meantime- have a look at more photos from the Draycott Fayre!


A game of dice in progress, with much of silver at stake… Vikings were avid gamblers and many a fortune were lost over simple dice!

There was an opportunity for some training to be done before the show started- it is always good to improve one’s skill with sword, spear and axe.

The children certainly proved up to the task of stopping a Viking raid on their village!

Our Jarl, narrating the combat display and talking though Viking weapons and tactics.

Vikings loved a tale and the young ones even more so.

A fierce duel in progress.

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