Over the Easter weekend and over the early May Bank Holiday, Y Ddraig have been very busy. Two events happen annually at this time, which have become fixtures in our re-enactment calendar- the Annual Training Weekend and the Corfe Castle viking show.

The Training Weekend takes place every year at Easter, over three days. There is no public there and the purpose of the event is to get together, train, learn, pass tests, receive/give awards and discuss matters important to the entire society at our Annual General Meeting.

The Training Weekend is the best event to be, if you want to get official permission to use a new type of weapon, learn  how to use something you never had before and to learn new skill and listen to guest speakers and lecturers.

It is a hugely popular event and members of The Vikings come from all over the country, to take part in all activities that are on offer (and that is before the drinking, feasting and the ever-present Burger Van comes into equation).

The second event- at Corfe Castle, in the beautiful South, is also hugely popular, due to it being one of first bog events in the calendar each year. The timeline for this show is the reign of king Alfred the Great and his struggles againt the Great Heathen Army- makes for a very climatic, exciting and educational show. This year the Y Ddraig has had some amazing success, in competitive battles as well as individual dueling contests.


If you like what you see and think you have what it takes to join a Viking shieldwall, why not contact us, or come along to our training sessions?

Until next time- Ubbe Thorgilsson, signing off

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