That’s right! On Sunday 14th of April, we have attended our local comic con, called Stoke CON Trent, held at Staffordshire University Campus. It was an opportunity for us to showcase our group, raise our profile and hopefully get some interest and some new recruits.


It would be a lie, if I said, that we didn’t come to enjoy all the fun one could have at a comic con! We have had a few famous faces around- From Harry Potter, Red Dwarf, the Gladiators (Jet & Lightning), just to name a few. There were cos-players, hobby groups, an Iron Throne replica, Doctor Who’s TARDIS, complete with the Tenth Doctor as well as plenty of artworks, gifts and merchandise for sale.


Y Ddraig loved being at the Stoke CON Trent and we hope to see the event grow in the years to come. If the Fates smile kindly upon us, maybe we will return and perhaps put on a little show? Who knows…


As every year, this Easter our reenactment society, The Vikings, has held its annual Training Weekend. 3 days of learning, training and exercise, followed by combat tests, kit authenticity checks, as well as the society’s annual meeting, where all those in attendance can have their say in the matters that concern us all.

The Training Weekend is the best opportunity to learn how to use a new weapon, get tested (as in our rules, a warrior must pass a safety and proficiency test, before he is allowed to use a new weapon) and often to see some interesting guests- lecturer’s, craft specialists, artists, combat trainers…

As always, members of Y Ddraig have been in attendance and have enjoyed the experience immensely- a full report from the Training Weekend, to follow in the near future!

Until next time- Ubbe Thorgilsson, signing off.

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